If you have questions about your jewelry; is it gold or not? We have accurate tests to determine the grade of your gold. We pay extra for diamonds, precious stones, and one of a kind, or estate items.

During these difficult economic times pawn shops offer an alternative to paying retail prices. At Premier Jewelry & Loan we encourage reasonable offers. Whether you’re an experienced pawn shopper or just want to check us out. You’ll be assured to have a good experience. Listed below is a list of services we offer to our customers.

Cash Loan Options
We loan money on many items of value such as jewelry, cameras, televisions, stereos, musical instruments, tools and more! Everyone owns items that they just don’t want to sell. We offer a 3 month loan plus a 21 day grace period with the option to renew the account(s) when or if they come due. Your merchandise is stored in a secure area until your loan balance is paid in full or grace period expires. You may come in at any time to pay the loan balance and pick up your merchandise, or extend your loan as many times as you need.

If you want to sell your merchandise; Pawn Shops offer a safe fast method of doing so. Using online services or selling your things privately is “not” always easy and can be risky.

Whether your liquidating or just need a short term loan our qualified professional staff will work with you to get you the cash you need.

Please contact us for more info.

Remember, we get new merchandise daily to give you a fresh selection of the greatest deals!

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